Tim Bull

Tim is the CTO at Zeen, a video and voice conferencing solution designed to help you hold better meetings.  Working together with Chad Hurley (Co-Founder & CEO of YouTube, now Founder & CEO of Zeen) they launched Zeen on June 1st 2017. Tim’s also worked on MixBit, a collaborative video editor and Delicious, the original online bookmarking site.


Before Zeen, Tim was CEO and Co-Founder of Trunk.ly, an internet startup based in Melbourne, Australia building a personal search engine of internet content you like, acquired by AVOS. Prior to Trunk.ly, he was a Director at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), working on global IT architecture projects.  He represented PwC on international architecture councils with IBM and Microsoft and worked on designing systems for use by PwC staff globally. He lead PwC Australia’s Emerging Technology team during the Web 2.0 boom and was Director of National Development. Eventually he tired of corporate life and ran away to join the startup world with three goals. Never wearing a suit, never completing a performance appraisal again, and of course changing the world.  So far he’s achieved 2 out of 3.


Tim lives in Silicon Valley along with his wife and two high school aged children. He enjoys sailing, online gaming, talking technology and is a board member for Design Tech High School, an innovative charter school re-thinking high school education.