Thom Saunders

Interactive Director, ZONE4 Digital Media

Award winning producer, designer, writer and interactive director, Thom is the CEO/Creative Director of ZONE4 Digital Media, a Brisbane based multi-platform production company that he founded in 1999. Thom has developed projects for ABC (Us), ITV, BBC, Yahoo7 and the ABC in Australia. Thom was Executive Producer, Design and Technical Director on Emmy® nominated Find815 (Lost), BAFTA winning spooks Interactive, BAFTA nominated, Emmy® nominated and ATOM nominated Emmerdale Online Channel and AIMIA nominated Fat Cow Motel. In 2008 Thom won an individual BAFTA Craft award for Interactive Innovation (Content) where he was recognised for his work on BBC’s spooks Interactive project. As well as running ZONE4, Thom was one of three equal co-founders and directors that set-up Brisbane based Hoodlum. In 2008 Thom left Hoodlum to explore opportunities for innovation in entertainment, education and original branded content for multi-platform delivery. Recently developing a touch screen learning project for QLD Health, the Aftermath project was a finalist in the 2010 International Japan Prize for cross media projects and also a finalist in the 2011 AIMIA Awards.ZONE4 was selected as the Queensland interactive media company to be partnered with GBI through a federally supported program, IsIs to broaden the application of interactive media skills into “non games” markets. Through IsIs, ZONE4 is working with GBI, established mine reporting and equipment specialists, to build an interface to their 8000 years of operational and process data from hundreds of mines worldwide.