Scott Millar

Scott Millar is the 17-year-old founder of BOP Industries, a holographic entertainment start-up in Brisbane working in areas from events to marketing, retail, theatre, and education; oh, and he is still in grade 12. Starting his business at local markets as part of a school business venture at age 14 Scott is a young entrepreneur that has grown his business from laser cut keyrings at local markets to running workshops for over 4000 people at the World Science Festival, designing and creating holographic MC’s for corporate events and conceptualising and building new forms of theatre all whilst still balancing school commitments. Showing no signs of slowing down Scott intends on developing his currently technology further, making the impossible possible and fostering and developing more emerging technologies, making them commercially viable.


Growing his business from an initial $100 capital investment Scott has been able to experience all steps of the start-up journey and is still very much learning and growing as he continues his ventures. As a student Scott no longer takes business as a subject as he has found the gaps in education and the real world astounding however continues to learn through doing, running his business. Scott looks forward to continuing his business post-graduation and is excited to be joining the Creative3 team for this wonderful event.