Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer of Smartstudy, a content company established in 2010 providing educational content for infants through animated songs and stories, and interactive mobile apps. The company’s PINKFONG series has achieved the #1 spot as the highest grossing educational content on mobile in 109 countries, with 100 million downloads and 8.8 million monthly active users worldwide.

With extensive knowledge and experience in the digital content industry, Ryan specialises in developing business models, monetisation strategies, and business relations.

Upon graduating from university, Ryan joined Nexon, one of the leading online game companies on the globe. He pioneered the free-to-play and micro-money transaction system, also licencing game brands and characters to other business industries. After co-founding Smartstudy with his ex-colleague and friend Minseok and Hyunwoo, he has been leading global business expansion and market development having successfully raised a Series A funding round (USD $13 million).

Ryan is now living in Shanghai, setting up a Chinese subsidiary for the local business in the Greater China and developing global contents.