Russel Howcroft

Russel Howcroft has worked in the US, the UK and Australia. He started his own agency, merged it, sold some of it, bought some of it back, merged it again, sold it and then found himself back at the agency brand he loves the most – George Patterson Y&R, where he is now National CEO. He’s mad about ideas, all sorts of ideas, any ideas….as long as they’re good ones. Russel believes the heroes in the business are those brave enough to buy the great work. The buyers, not the sellers. The people who understand the X Factor in business is the role creativity can play in order to achieve an outrageous return. He sees the ad business as solving the everyday paradox of having an innovative outlook, one that is prepared to rethink agency boundaries while doing a great job making advertising. He spends a lot of time imagining what an agency can be for its clients and has recently settled down to the idea of “the agency business is about making consumer connections that generate better than expected profits for our clients”. Russel is likely to re-think that notion at any given time of the day