Roger Ein

Roger Ein is the Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Bidchat, an interactive live broadcasting platform designed to revolutionise and monetise live streaming content. With a multidisciplinary design background and an eye for bringing brands to life in innovative ways, Roger is excited to reimagine the live broadcasting model.

Upon graduating university, Roger, along with his brother Zack, started their first company Agile Brands.  Focusing on turn key product design and manufacturing of IT accessories, they served a gamut of clients including HP, Dell, Sony, and Lenovo to name a few.

After a successful exit from Agile Brands in 2015, the two brother joined forces again to create Bidchat, as they saw an opportunity to give live broadcasters a clear path to monetizing their time.

He’ll do his best to avoid using the word “disruptive” to describe Bidchat, but said no promises on saying “shaking things up”.