Paul Cameron

co-founder & CEO, Booktrack

Paul Cameron is CEO and co-founder of Booktrack, a company that is revolutionizing reading through a paradigm-shifting technology that provides synchronized movie-style soundtracks to eBooks. With Booktrack, music audio and ambient sounds are automatically paced to an individual’s reading speed to match the story line creating a new genre of entertainment content and a totally immersive experience that pulls the reader into the author’s world. Backed by PayPal founder Peter Thiel, Facebook’s director of global creative solutions Mark D’Arcy, The Hyperfactory’s Derek Handley, Park Road Post Productions (Lord of the Rings), and others – Booktrack was launched in New York in August 2011 and has been featured in more than 350 global media articles, has released one of the most downloaded eBooks of 2011, and has been a Top 10 Book App in 20 Countries in the Apple App store. Prior to Booktrack, Paul founded a division of a high tech electronics and software company that provided products and services to the global defense industry, and for over a decade Paul flew as an officer with the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

Paul’s Creative3 Talk:

Disruptive Entrepreneurs

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