Mitch Olson

Co-founder, SmallWorlds

Mitch Olson is Co-founder of SmallWorlds, New Zealand’s largest social gaming company with over 6 million registered players. SmallWorlds is a next generation social game and 3D virtual environment blending rich visuals, social interplay, and a healthy dose of imagination into an immersive and engaging experience. Members shape the world, selecting from thousands of items to create unique spaces. Whether nurturing exotic plants, crafting rare items or enjoying friends in popular hang-out spots, there are many enjoyable activities to suit any mood. Opportunities for adventure are endless, as citizens play the starring role in elaborate movie-like missions – or by creating your own interactive narrative for others to enjoy. Mitch’s passion is at the intersection of where technology and design meet in products, particularly for mass consumer markets. Prior to creating SmallWorlds, he co-founded Outsmart Studios – an early pioneer in what has become known as Rich Internet Applications. Outsmart Studios developed a number of awardwinning applications that helped establish their reputation as one of the top 3 RIA development studios in the world.