Mario Andreacchio

Executive Director, AMPCO Films Pty Ltd

Captain Johnno directed by Mario Andreacchio won an International Emmy Award, beginning for him a career specialising in the “family movie”. This was after having made FAIR GAME, an action thriller that Quentin Tarantino acknowledges was a major influence on Death Proof. Mario’s feature film, NAPOLEON, was inspired by his children, who wanted him to make a “proper film”. Napoleon pulls together diverse skills of documentary and drama to produce one of Australia’s most successful movies of the past 15 years, and is due to be brought back by popular demand in 2012. Mario served on the board of the Australian Film Finance Corporation and 2 terms on the board of the South Australian Film Corporation. He originally went to university to do experimental physics, but graduated in clinical psychology, then went on to be one of the first graduates of the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School. In the past 20 years Mario has made 9 movies, 2 telemovies, and a host of television and documentaries. He has specialised in international movie coproductions with Japan, Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, UK, and now China. The current production, THE DRAGON PEARL, is the first treaty coproduction between Australia and China. Mario received the Convocation Medal from Flinders University