Kieran O’Hea

Chief Digital Officer, Brisbane

Kieran O’Hea was recently appointed Chief Digital Officer of Brisbane where he is leading the development and implementation of a strategy that will grow Brisbane’s digital economy. Prior to that he led the development and implementation of a number of digital strategies for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Ireland in Dublin and for the European Commission where he advised on the selection and management of €200m of online projects. He was also a stakeholder in the development of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe 2010-2020. As a senior Honorary Research Fellow of the Innovation Value Institute, a joint venture between Intel and the National University of Ireland, he developed a prototype Digital Capability Framework which was aimed at increasing the enterprise-wide adoption of digital technology and practices in business. He has also worked on innovation and creativity initiatives on a national and international level and in connection with this has been a Trustee of the Edward de Bono Foundation, a senior Research Fellow of the London Institute and a Fellow of the Europrix Academy.

Kieran’s Creative3 Talk:

Changing Channels

This session explores the future of digital media in an ever changing online environment. Ben will provide his take on what’s shaping online content and how this translates to current projects, revealing the potential for gamification while Jean will explore digital deals and opportunities in Asia, sharing her experience and predictions for online content development strategies.