Gretha Oost

Founder Half A Teaspoon Pty Ltd

Gretha Oost is the creative brain and director of Half A Teaspoon Pty Ltd, established in 2004. Half A Teaspoon is a design and product development business in Melbourne, focussing on product innovation to stimulate conscious use of water. Dutch-born Gretha Oost finished a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management (1997) and has gained experience in diverse marketing positions across different industries. Gretha moved to Australia in May 2004 shortly after finishing an 11,000 km cycling adventure through South America (together with husband Willem). She came up with the idea for Half A Teaspoon Pty Ltd in June 2004 and has been working on the business ever since, whilst at the same time raising two beautiful girls (6 and 4). Gretha Oost doesn’t believe there are any problems too big to solve. Her high ideals and big ideas mean that if she sees something that needs to change in the world, she figures out a way to do it. Running a company that is not big yet, does not deter her from making big things happen. Gretha initially inspired people to become more aware of their water use by developing the ShowerWatch. Now she wants us to get excited about drinking tap water again and has created 321 Water. Gretha wholeheartedly believes that great design and a creative approach can drive positive change.