Fady Mishriki

Co-Founder, Powerbyproxi

Fady Mishriki is Co-Founder, Executive Vice President and Chief Tesla Officer of PowerbyProxi. Fady continues to lead the charge to give PowerbyProxi’s customers ‘the power to unplug’ and spends his time between the United States (where the company’s commercial headquarters are located in San Jose) and Auckland, New Zealand (where the companies engineering centre is located). With experience in designing and delivering thousands of real-world customer applications of wireless power, Fady is also one of the world’s leading specialists in the deployment of wireless power systems in the most difficult and demanding environments.

Unplugging The Last Cable

Fady Mishriki shares his key learnings from the growth and commercialisation of PowerbyProxi, while exploring the growing influence of wireless power and providing a glimpse into a world unrestricted by the power cable.