Caroline Hamilton

Managing Director, Icebreaker Management Ltd

From polar explorer to indie music investor, Caroline Hamilton has never been one to take the easy route. As a leader in both business and expeditions, she is always at the forefront of breaking new ground. As Managing Director of Icebreaker Management Services Limited and Icebreaker Management Limited, she has been the principal architect behind the innovative Icebreaker business model since its inception in 2003. Icebreaker brings investors and entrepreneurs together through a series of limited liability partnerships. In May 2011, Caroline attracted headlines worldwide for the ground-breaking multi-million dollar investment in one of Europe’s leading independent music companies, Cooking Vinyl. The new fund will enable investment in new and established artists including Marilyn Manson’s new album. Previously Caroline was instrumental in developing gap insurance for the film and television industry. During ten years as an advisor to insurance companies, she was involved with more than fifty international productions. Also well known as a motivational speaker and polar explorer, Caroline led the only all-women expedition to ski to the North and South Poles.