Ben Johnston

CEO - Josephmark

Since co-founding Josephmark more than ten years ago, Ben has become an influential figure within Australia’s creative and business communities. He’s spent a decade starting and developing businesses, consulting on digital strategy, and identifying both market gaps and future trends.

As CEO of Josephmark, Ben leads a team who consistently deliver meaningful digital experiences – shaping the future of how people discover, interact and share online.

With a track record now garnering global attention, the Josephmark family expanded into North America in 2012. Ben’s underlying motivation is the desire to make this world a better place, and his fearlessness in pushing the envelope means Josephmark is an entrepreneurial business driven by ambition and curiosity.

Ben’s Creative3 talk 2015:

The Future of Design

Thinking like a designer can transform the way businesses develop products, processes and more. As CEO of Josephmark – a digital ventures practice that’s rethinking the traditional business model – Ben will delve into the art and science of startups. And why we need to change the current climate and work towards a future that values big picture thinking.

Ben’s Creative3 talk 2015:

Changing Channels

This session explores the future of digital media in an ever changing online environment. Ben will provide his take on what’s shaping online content and how this translates to current projects, revealing the potential for gamification while Jean will explore digital deals and opportunities in Asia, sharing her experience and predictions for online content development strategies.