Ben Britten

Ben Britten carries the Hardcore Veteran achievement within both the film and games industries. With over 20 years experience on over three dozen blockbuster films, an Academy Award for technical achievement (for advancing the art of 3D volumetric camera control), and successfully launching and managing several businesses–the list goes on.

Ben’s career in the games industry began when he moved on from the film industry in 2005, allowing him to spend more time with his lovely wife, and begin a solo adventure in consulting for various game companies around the globe. Prior to his new chapter starting at Mighty Games in Melbourne, Ben has created a ballpark figure of about 50 individual titles; at least 10 being solo projects, and the rest during his tenure at Tin Man Games.

Since then, he’s been melding with three other creative minds and industry veterans, his fellow Directors and partners in imagination at Mighty Games. Launching their debut title Shooty Skies in 2015, the mobile game has already amassed an amazing 5 million+ downloads worldwide, and continues to explode onto handheld devices everywhere. You’ll see him working and wandering around the Mighty studio, pretty much always in a black t-shirt and cracking a joke or two.

It isn’t just all about film and games, of course. Definitely earning his jet-setting and globetrotter badges, Ben has travelled to a bunch of destinations around the world including Korea, China, Mexico, the United Kingdom and our Aussie neighbour, New Zealand. Britten’s achievements and experience to-date definitely reflect upon his upstanding aspirations to enjoy life and keep on learning.