Andrew Mason

Film Producer

Andrew Mason is a major figure of the Australian film industry with a career spanning 30 years. A visual effects artist turned producer his credits include The Matrix, and its sequels, Red Planet, Scooby Doo, Queen of the Damned, Kangaroo Jack and, Tomorrow When the War Began. Mason began his film industry career in the early 1970s as an editor before moving to producing and heading a successful commercial production company. He co-founded Australia’s first visual effects company in 1983 and served as visual effects supervisor and second unit director on the dark and iconic The Crow. Mason produced the thriller Dark City and was Producer or Executive Producer for a string of US studio pictures including The Matrix and its sequels.

He established City Productions to develop and produce Australian films including Swimming Upstream (2001) and Danny Deckchair (2003). After producing in Romania and Canada, Andrew returned to Australia in 2009 to produce the highly successful screen adaptation of the well loved Australian novel Tomorrow When the War Began. In 2010, Mason joined forces with Writer John Collee, and Hopscotch Distribution principals Troy Lum and Frank Cox to form development/production company Hopscotch Features, which will roll cameras on its first production in early 2012. Mason is currently a board member of the Sydney Film Festival and serves on the Council of Australian Film Television & Radio School.