Chris Smith

Chris is a visionary, innovating and advancing technology to foster new ways for people to experience, understand and connect with the world around them. The Pacific Ocean separates Chris’s two unique hometowns, splitting his time for many years between two of the most beautiful places in the world, Seattle, Washington and Wellington, New Zealand.

Chris began his career at Microsoft developing web applications which allowed him to learn from several experts and sparked his desire to explore the world of tech and business as an entrepreneur.

While attending Victoria University to study International Business and Marketing, Chris launched his first startup, Dash Tickets, an online ticketing company. Dash quickly became one of the largest New Zealand-based ticketing companies, selling over a million tickets in its first 3 years. In 2011, Dash was sold to Ministry of Sound.

In 2012, Chris founded STQRY, an interactive mobile storytelling platform which is now being used at over 400 culture and arts organizations internationally to enhance visitor experiences. As STQRY advanced its platform, Chris led the team to innovate in the location technology and beacon space, creating multiple products that could benefit a wide range of businesses, such as hospitals and airports, by improving their customer experience.

In 2015, Chris launched the parent company Area360, opened up a headquarters in Seattle and partnered with Madrona Venture Group for a series A round of funding that is supporting exponential growth for the company.

In 2016, Chris and the team officially launched Area360’s newest product, Ticketure. Ticketure is the world’s only “API-first” enterprise ticketing system, built to give organizations flexibility in designing, constructing, and implementing the most modern and efficient ticketing experience for staff and visitors.

Chris’s passions lie in his family, aviation (he is a licensed pilot), and a robust Lego collection.